Where to go carspotting in Monaco?

Monaco is the best place in the world to do carspotting. There are places that have equal or more supercars to see. But in Monaco the whole traffic is concentrated on a very small area. So short ways - and the roundabout in the center is a junction almost ervery car has to pass.


On this page you get to know certain hot spots, secret garages and some tipps and tricks for your carspotting holiday in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

1 - The Area around the Yacht Habor

By clicking the images you directly get to the shown places on Google Maps

1.1 Casino Square

Actually the most obvious hot spot in Monaco. Here the visitors of the Casino meet those of the Hotel de Paris. Especially in the evening it gets really interesting here.


Note: The Casino Square is private property. You are not allowed to place a tripod for photographing in the dark.

1.2 Hotel Hermitage

One of the hotels you have to check 2-3 times a day. From Casino Square it's short 5 minutes walk.


The Chiron on the image parks at the main entrance. Imagine passing the car, you have to turn left and take a look onto the side road. It belongs to the Hermitage as well.

1.3 Yacht Club

Who ever comes here, probably has a yacht. And who ever has a yacht, can affort some nice cars too.

In the evening hours the marina is full of cars - mostly Rolls Royces and Bentleys - but sometimes there are more special things around.


On Foot it takes 5 minutes from roundabout.


1.4 Parking Novotel

This car park also offers long term rent. You find this F12 TDF or a black Aventador SV down there.


As in every car park it's important: Entering on your own risk! This is private property though with free access. 


Note: Enter from Avenue de Roqueville

1.5 Parking Bosio

A public parking garage with an MC12, Ferrari F50 and some other nice cars.


As in many car parkings in Monaco you pay nothing for the fist hour. So if you are by car, drive in, make your pics and exit the garage for free.


On foot it is 20 minutes from Casino.

1.6 RM Autosport

RM Autosport is a luxury car dealer. In the top level of this car park you will find those three - as well as a dark red Lamborghini Coutach.


As in the Bosio car park you may stay in here one hour for free. 


Car park name: Parking de la Colle

2 - Area along the coast

By clicking the images you directly get to the shown places on Google Maps

2.1 Hotel Fairmont

Coming from the Casino Square through the Casino backyard, passing the Buddah Bar (where in the evening many supercar drivers eat their sushi), heading down some stairs you reach Fairmont Hotel.

This hotel is located at the famous hairpin you know from the Formula 1 track. 


I think the photo here speaks for itself.

2.2 Roundabout

This is the place to stay! Almost every car that drives through Monaco has to pass the roundabout. Just find a shady place under the bridge, grab a Cheeseburger from the yellow "M" und wait for 'em to come.

Next to the roundabout Grimaldi car park is located. It contains a car service point. Here is where the Monegasques let their cars fill up and wash.

2.3 Sass Café

Located next to the McLaren dealer and oppisite the Grimaldi Forum you will find Sass Café. Again the action here starts after sunset. Paganis and Koenigseggs are no surprise on this location. 


This is the place to spend the last hour of your exhausting carspotting day. There are even benches to settle down.

2.4 Hotel de Meridien

...and Maya Bay. Actually not the most luxurious hotels in town, but as you automatically pass by when visiting Monte Carlo Bay or Monte Carlo Beach...


Fun Fact: The Chiron on the photo and the one from Sass Café were actually the same day! 

2.5 Monte Carlo Bay

Monte Carlo Bay is a hotel as well as Casino. You definitely have to go here 2-3 times a day. You are also able to enter the parking garage - but do you dare to sneak in?


From the roundabout it takes about 20-30 minutes to get here. Further 5 minutes and you get to the Monte Carlo Beach...

2.6 Monte Carlo Beach

When you have managed to get here all the way from the center, you might be lucky to see one of the Koenigessgs by @carinalima_racing. If you pass all the parked cars from the beach visitors, you will get to another car park. Here is where the "easter-Egg" is hidden. 

If you follow the main road 100 meters up the hill, there is a tennis club. Maybe worth it...

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