Where are the Hotspots in Munich?

Carspotting Guide Video:

Many spotters ask me where to go carspotting in Munich? Where are the hotspots? In this video I will show you.

Or scroll down the page for detailed information and click the image to find the location on Google Maps.


Maximilianstraße is the place to be for spotters. Here are expensive boutiques and it is close to the city center. Also take a look into the side streets or into the garage under the Staatstheater. The owners have to park anywhere.

Look for the hotel Vier Jahreszeiten and Mandarin Oriental. Two very exclusive hotels.

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

This hotel is the most exclusive one in Munich, and by the way the hotel with the highest income in whole Germany. And the best: It's just a five minute walk from Maximilianstraße.

Charles Hotel

The Charles Hotel is a really cool photo location in a quiet area. Unfortunately you must be very lucky to see supercars in front. But e.g. once there was the record-Chiron "42" parking there for one night.

Car Traders in Munich

Munich has got every supercar dealer you can imagine. Including McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, even a Bugatti showroom. 

Aston Martin/Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini are the best places, if you want to see registered cars outside. 

Print Tech Wrapping

Print Tech offers premium wrapping on premium cars. From GT2 RS to LaFerrari Aperta. They had them all. If you want so see cool stuff, go there from Monday til Friday.

Semco Cars

This is the MOST EXCLUSIVE CAR DEALER IN THE WORLD!!! I am serious! It has an insane offer of hypercars and some supercars. Click the image to get to a 360° virtual walk through.